Mindset Strategy

The Comprehensive Self-Defense Plan

I have mentioned in previous posts a concept that I have been referring to as a "Comprehensive Self-Defense Plan". In this post I would like to break that down and analyze some of what I feel are the most crucial and critical components that we should include in our training to develop a more wholesome,… Continue reading The Comprehensive Self-Defense Plan

Techniques & Skills

Surviving a Knife Attack Part 2: Defensive Strategies

In Part 1 of this post, we discussed knife attacks and ways to better be prepared mentally for the fast and violent nature of a knife attack. We also discussed how many self defense techniques in martial arts against knives are too deeply rooted in fantasy of what people think knife attacks look like. Many… Continue reading Surviving a Knife Attack Part 2: Defensive Strategies

Mindset Strategy

Surviving a Knife Attack Part 1: Mindset and Mental Preparedness

I've been very intrigued recently on the concept of knife fighting, specifically as it pertains to unarmed empty-handed skills, strategies and techniques against an adversary armed with a knife. What I have come to realize in regards to being truly prepared against a real knife attack, is there are a lot of shortcomings in our… Continue reading Surviving a Knife Attack Part 1: Mindset and Mental Preparedness

Mindset Strategy

The Bystander Effect

It was March 13, 1964 at approximately 3:15 in the morning in Queens, NY. Catherine "Kitty" Genovese was on her way home after working all night at a local bar where she was the manager. This particular evening, however, Ms. Genovese would not make it home alive. This evening, Ms. Genovese was viciously and deliberately… Continue reading The Bystander Effect

Techniques & Skills

Bear Hug from the Front

I've previously posted about defending yourself against a bear hug attack from the rear (link here). Today we're going to discuss the rear bear hug's counterpart, the Front Bear hug. Just as with the rear attacks, front bear hugs are broken down into two attacks, arms free and arms pinned. In this post we'll discuss… Continue reading Bear Hug from the Front


Self-Defense Gadgets & Gizmos: Pros and Cons

"Self-Defense" has become a very widespread term over the last few decades. Everything from "Masters" of mysterious ancient secret deadly martial arts, to people who took a weekend seminar and are now certified badasses teaching self defense techniques, to companies who sell "self defense" products up to and including "rape proof underwear". I fear that… Continue reading Self-Defense Gadgets & Gizmos: Pros and Cons