Techniques & Skills

Chokes with Push (Front & Rear)

I've previously covered defenses against an extended choke from the front as well as from the rear here on this blog. Definitely check those out if you haven't already. The defenses against those mostly static attacks are fairly similar, and rely for the most part on instinctual plucking defenses as the primary method of alleviating… Continue reading Chokes with Push (Front & Rear)


Man vs Monster: Vampires

In my previous Man vs Monster post we discussed Self-Defense strategies against Zombies (link at the end). In this post we're going to discuss some defensive strategies in the event you find yourself toe-to-toe this Halloween with sharp fanged, blood sucking, metamorphosizing demons....Vampires! Again, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, this post is just for… Continue reading Man vs Monster: Vampires

After Action Report

Defending Against Serial Slashers

In celebration of arguably one of the best holidays ever, for this After Action Report we're going to have a little fun. I thought it might be interesting to put a little spin on my typical AAR'S and instead of examining a real event and discussing what lessons we could learn from it, we are… Continue reading Defending Against Serial Slashers


Man vs Monster: Zombies

What do you do if faced with the threat of Zombies? What options and strategies can you utilize to defeat a Zombie? In this post we are going to discuss self defense strategies against a zombie attack. We are not going to discuss zombie apocalypse survival strategies. This post is obviously just for fun in… Continue reading Man vs Monster: Zombies

Mindset Strategy

Hitting First: Krav Maga and Preemptive Striking

Krav Maga, as we know, is a principle-based system as opposed to a technique-based one. Preemptive Striking is one of the major guiding principals in the system. We discuss the concept of Preemptive Striking often in Krav Maga training and I've discussed it often here on this blog. So what exactly is Preemptive Striking and… Continue reading Hitting First: Krav Maga and Preemptive Striking

Mindset Strategy

Relentless with Retzev

Retzev (also sometimes spelled "Retzef") is a term commonly referred to in Krav Maga training and defensive techniques. What is it, and how can understanding it help to better guide us in our training and bolster our ability and our confidence to defend ourselves against an assailant? What is Retzev? "Retzev is Hebrew and translated… Continue reading Relentless with Retzev

Techniques & Skills

Knee Strikes: Technical Considerations

If you train in Krav Maga you will be very accustomed to using knee strikes during combatives training. Knees are an extremely effective tool for close quarters combat. When used properly, they can provide devastatingly effective benefits in a defensive encounter. Good knees can easily knock the wind out of an assailant, break ribs, damage… Continue reading Knee Strikes: Technical Considerations